The Oyster Lady of Wellfleet

Oyster Lady of WellfleetWe are in Wellfleet today where the oysters are world famous. We decided to learn more about the Oyster farmers- commercial oysters are planted rather than hunted. There are about 80 three-acre “grants” or oyster beds leased from the town of Wellfleet. The grants are a centuries-old Wellfleet custom and right now about 250 people of the 3,000 people who reside in Wellfleet year round are making their income off these beds. The beds are only accessible for a few hours at low tide.  One of the best “oystermen” in Wellfleet is actually a woman named Barbara Austin. She is a Wellfleet legend and  a long time champion of the Annual Wellfleet Shucking Competition. Click here if you want to learn more about the oyster lady of Wellfleet.

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