Westoe Cottage, Truro

Our home away from home overlooking the tidal Pamet River as it opens out towards Cape Cod Bay. Built in the 1920’s, Westoe is one of eight Sladeville Cottages, which are all part of the historic registry. We like it because it is simple and rustic with its historic charm.

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  1. Dear Karen Friedeborn, I used to stay in Westoe every May with a group of friends in the 1990’s. We loved it all of us, it was a wonderful tradition. I see you have improved the house and the facilities. I wonder do you ever rent it out when you are not there? We did stay in Castleway one year, but it’s a bit too big for us. My name is Pamela and my husband is Neil and we live in the UK now. So this is an enquiry for the future! Best wishes, Pamela


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