The Governor’s Frog Jump

Springfield, SC, population 455, is a sleepy town as evidenced by the sign on the main street and their on-line calendar, which is blank. However, the Governor’s Frog Jumping competition has been happening here on Easter weekend for 50 years!

The town has been losing population and many storefronts were abandoned, but even at it’s heyday in 1930, there were only 930 people living here. We saw very little activity here, except at the Dollar General. There is a livestock auction and flea market, venues that are unique for the area. According to their website,  Springfield Flea Market, oldest in the state, draws thousands of vendors and customers each Saturday. It made me feel sad to see all of the abandoned houses and run down storefronts, but really who am I to judge? Folks who live here might like it just the way it is. I do know there are many towns in rural America like this in every state. What can happen to help these towns survive?

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