Heading South

Well it is time to hit the road again for sunny beaches and new sights. We have planned a 3-4 week trip to Florida, taking our time on the way down and back to visit friends and explore new places. We have hit a snag already before we have gotten out of Ithaca. We will be delaying our trip for a couple of days because John came down with covid. Once again I have not gotten it, and am told I would have gotten it already if I was going to get it. Any other “covid virgins” out there? We will probably leave Thursday instead of today and alter our route a bit. I will share what we experience along the way. I am especially interested in learning about innovative ways communities are reconciling with their past and creating an equitable, sustainable future. I will also report on anything else we discover that is funny, beautiful or we find interesting. You are invited to come along.

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  1. Karen, Thanks for your phone message the other day. I’m hoping this doesn’t take John down for long and you launch as planned in a few days. I’m a Covid ‘super dodger’ myself and hope to maintain that status although I am not taking as many of the precautionary measures anymore. Friday was the first movie I’d been to since 2020! I so enjoy being ‘along’ on your travels and discoveries. Funny, beautiful, interesting reports from the road are much needed and appreciated. I’m thinking of giving up listening to the news for lent. Get well, be well, Julie

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