Marathon, Texas: Where Big Bend and Dark Skies Meet

On the road to Marathon

We spent the night in Marathon, Texas about 40 miles from Big Bend National Park. The historic Gage Hotel, is the happening place on main street in this tiny town, population 430. However, it does have a library, post office, bank, community center, general store, school, volunteer fire dept and a brewery.

The main drag in front of the Gage Hotel

One of Marathon’s claims to fame is astronomy. It is really dark here at night. Marathon measures a CLASS 1 on the Bortle Light Pollution Scale, which means it is as dark as it gets on earth! Unfortunately, it was snowing last night, yes snowing for the first time in two years. Hopefully we will have clear a sky tonight so we can see the stars.

Marathon Independent School has 55 students, K-12. The two seniors graduated last year with a college associates degrees they earned in high school. The school is well funded by local ranchers; all graduates can go to college for free.

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