There’s No Place Like Home

We have arrived home safely after our 3,500 mile trip. We had a really great trip, but I have to say there is nothing like leaving to make us really appreciate home. I realize that we see more wildlife here than we did on our trip.  Something I have taken for granted. We also had a great sleep in our own bed the first night home, something most of us experience. I must say it is much quieter here than in most campgrounds!

Sight out of my dining room window as I write. We actually could do with many fewer deer than we have in our back yard!

There is no place like home, but Ithaca is truly an exceptional place. It was chosen as prettiest place in New York by Architectural Digest magazine. Living in such a special place makes it really nice to come home. We should explore this area with the same enthusiasm as when we travel.  Signing off until the next adventure!




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