Mackinac Island: Horse Poop and Cedar

Mackinack Island map.png

We took the ferry to Mackinac Island. There were six foot waves, which made the boat trip quite exciting.

This island is the only place in the U.S. where vehicles are not allowed. People get around on bikes and horse drawn wagons. The predominant scents of the island are horse poop and Northern White Cedar. Fortunately, we spent most of our time biking where the cedars prevailed, along with magnificent views of Lake Michigan.

Mackinac Straights and Mackinac Bridge, which we went over to Upper Peninsula.

We recommend doing the eight-mile bike tour around the circumference of the island. It is flat, easy cycling with lots of points of interest along the way.

We took a nature walk through a wetland and Northern Boreal forest featuring dense White Cedar, Larch and Black Spruce.

We stayed at the Lakeview Hotel, one of the oldest hotels on the island.

On to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, known as the UP.

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