Alligator traps and such

We stopped to see our friends Kevin and Michelle, who now live in Sylvania, Georgia, On our way there from Rock Hill, SC we traveled through almost 200 miles of the rural South. We saw pecan orchards, fallow cotton fields, lots of stands of pine for pulp lumbering and many Baptist churches.

We passed many houses such as this; I find the lines so graceful and welcoming.

Kevin and Michelle have a beautiful country home that Michelle’s father designed and built. They are in the process of doing some major renovations.

The Thompsons have a lake right outside their back door and yes, there are alligators in that lake! We learned how to catch an alligator: you get a long pole, secure it to the bank and tie a rope on the end to hang just above the water with a big hook on it. Tie a chicken on the end of the rope. Wait. Before long. the alligator will jump out of the water, swallow the chicken and the hook will get caught in its stomach. If it does not die right away, you can shoot it i n the head. You should call the state wild life control people to come out and do this!

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